About DIRK

Creativity has always been a major factor in Dirk, his life. Over the years he expressed this in all kinds of ways. From learning to play the piano, to doing graphic design, and from producing house music to traveling Europe as a DJ.


Dirk has been DJing for more than 18 years. He had his first DJ gig at his local field hockey club. That brought him to attention with a local party-bar in his hometown, Tilburg (NL). This got him noticed in the scene and got him booked in countries like Greece, Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain. Over the years, he has developed his own style by playing numerous high-end private events. His personal preference is a blend of dance classics, disco, funky house, and main stage festival house. His heart goes out to those styles, but the dance floor is always leading! With his years of experience playing full nights, he can really read a crowd. He doesn’t shy away from the occasional blast from the past. As long as it gets the crowd going.


Throughout the years, he has gained a unique perspective, which his is expressing through his art. He is creating physical art in the form of mixed media paintings. His digital art currently consists of visuals to support his performance as a DJ. Over the years, he has created numerous graphic designs for clients, and even full websites. It was never a goal to do the client work, and he kind of rolled into it. Because it was taking away time from other project he was pursuing, DIRK started referring new requests to colleagues. He is currently exploring possibilities of expressing his creativity on a canvas. Which has been really fulfilling.


During the last months of 2022 DIRK started to learn another way to express himself, the saxophone. The goal is to first have fun, we will see where this might lead to in the future.

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